You’re booked in!

Please scroll down and watch the “What to expect” video to enable the Unshaming Therapy to work most quickly in your session.

I’m so excited to

see you!

Thank you for

trusting me with

this part of

your journey!

SJ x

What Now?

You’ll receive an email confirming the details of our meeting. Tomorrow, I will also send a little questionnaire to find out more about you (if you don’t receive this please check your spam folder). It’s not obligatory, just helpful to get a overview.

Prepare the Space…

A few things you can prepare to make sure we have a smooth, transformative session:

  • Check your internet connection and sit near the router (connection issues can be a common disruption)
  • Test a video call with a friend or family member to check it all works smoothly
  • Clear your diary at least 30 mins before the start of the session, so you can be rested and focused
  • Choose a quiet, stress-free space with no distraction, to take the call

What to Expect

If you haven’t already, please watch of this description of a typical therapy session. Understanding what will happen and where we hope to go, will greatly increase the chances of seeing transformation, as you’ll be able to engage more confidently in the guided somatic exercises.

Start Unshaming Yourself!

Want to get a head start and begin the therapy yourself?

  1. Find a quiet space to think and feel.
  2. Start by noticing any physical sensations in your body. Try to describe it in practical detail. Do you feel it in your throat, feet, arms, stomach, chest? Does it feel hot, cold, constricting, pushing, jumping, falling, numbing?
  3. Allow yourself to sit in the awareness of this experience. Give it permission to ‘be’ (no matter how confusing or distressing it may first appear). Open your heart and mind to the possibility that this experience may have something valuable to share with you.
  4. Gently give it permission to do MORE of what it’s doing (growing, shrinking, squeezing, burning etc).
  5. Notice it’s natural trajectory? What does it do and where does it go, when it’s granted the freedom and curiosity to express freely.
  6. Be aware of any colours, words, memories, emotions, visions or sensations that arise as you relax and allow this part of you to fully speak and be seen.
  7. What does this sensation know that you don’t? What does it want? If it was allowed to help, what would it want to do for you? (This isn’t an intellectual exercise, the answer will not likely come from a clear thought but more of an awareness- a deep knowing- that goes beyond your day-to-day reasoning.)

That last question may be tricky, DON’T PANIC! We will run through it together in your session. Try to stick a pin in your discovery so far. The work you’ve done will give us a massive head start in your session, and help us more quickly understand and un-shame this lesser known part of you. Well done! Relief is coming, holding in there!

Group Coaching

In the mean time, why not join one of our Monday night group therapy sessions for just £10.
You will have the chance to receive, and witness, one-to-one Unshaming Therapy in a friendly group of like-minded people.